Thursday, September 29, 2011

The photographer category that I fall into

I was thinking about how my photography hasn't really improved much since I 1st bought a DSLR in 2007, right after the birth of my son Aqil. I could perhaps give a lot of excuses why I haven't improved:

  1. I don't have enough gear
  2. I don't have much time to concentrate on photography
  3. My gear is now obsolete
And so on and so forth. But the fact is all the above are just (lame) excuses. There's nothing wrong with my gear, the gear I have is sufficient enough to take good images. With regards to time, if I had spent a bit of time every now and then on taking pictures and learning photo editing, I'd probably be a much better photographer by now.

I remember reading a post called How to Succeed as a Photographer on The Online Photographer (one of the sites I always read the 1st thing every morning), and thinking about something the author Mike Johnston wrote:

"When I was asked during a lecture at a high school once what kind of photographer I am, I answered "I'm a writer.""

I guess if someone where to ask me the same question, I would answer "I'm a reader". Why? Simply because I probably spend more time reading photography related magazines, forums, websites and blogs rather than actually taking pictures. Thankfully I have kids, which means that I do have ready made subjects to take pictures of. Now all I have to do is drag myself away from the laptop and my magazines, pick up my camera and actually go and take some pictures.

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