Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bucket list

I guess everyone has different dreams of what they would like to achieve during their lifetime. Here's my list of stuff I want to achieve before I finally kick the bucket:


  • College diploma
  • Get married to someone wonderful
  • Have wonderful kids
  • Buy an SLR
  • Buy a guitar

Not achieved (but still achievable, I hope)

  • Get some pet snakes (starting with ball pythons)
  • Buy a nice house
  • Buy a nice 4x4
  • Buy a big motorbike
  • Be good at playing guitar (not likely, but I can dream!)
  • Become a decent nature photographer (not necessarily becoming a pro, becoming a good amateur one would be enough for me at this moment)
  • Buy a lot more photography gear :P
  • Travel around Malaysia (with the big bike or 4x4)
  • Document as much as possible of Malaysia's wildlife
  • Get a degree
  • Publish a novel (I think I'll wait until I've lived and experienced a lot of life before trying this)
  • Join a soccer coaching course

Not achieved (and unlikely to ever achieve)

  • Become a herpetologist (because of a stupid decision I made while in school deciding not to take biology, which was really dumb because up until then I'd had a dream of being a herpetologist or at least a zoologist)
  • Get (really, really filthy) rich
Time will tell how much I'll be able to tick off from my bucket list. I might add or remove stuff from the list as I get older (which is normal I think, after all priorities and all that change as we age), who knows? Anyways, even if I don't achieve much more that what I have already done, I'm still fairly happy with what I have already achieved.

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