Monday, December 15, 2008

Actually going out there to take pictures

Pelican in Putrajaya B&W

Sometime ago I realized that I spent more time reading magazine articles, forums, blogs and online articles about photography than I have actually going out and making pictures.

This could be because I like to read and also because I like looking at amazing pictures that others have made. But it could also be because I'm just plain lazy, so I guess I should really start going out and taking pictures. Another reason is because I get quite self-conscious sometimes with a camera in my hand for some reason.

I keep telling myself that I should just go out and start taking more pictures, since this is the only way to improve. Which is one reason I started this blog, to force myself to take more pictures so that I can put them in this blog.

It's not as if I have a shortage of inspiration.. I probably have more pictures in my flickr favorites than I do in my own flickr photostream.

I always see lots of great locations and interesting subjects to take pictures of, plus I have lots of picture ideas.. so what's stopping me? I really need to stop making excuses and just seize the picture opportunities that come my way. Maybe one of these days, I will.

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